Case Study
Ascentis Freight Handling Centre in VR

Customer Profile

IAG Cargo’s freight hub in Heathrow, one of the world’s busiest airports, Ascentis handles over 500,000 tonnes of cargo every year. From lion cubs to daffodils, gold bars to flu vaccines, there’s not much they haven’t handled there. It is as long as 6 football pitches & has over 2000 employees, so it is difficult for individuals to understand how it all works.

“Since working with VRAI to create a virtual tour of our Ascentis warehouse, 94% of users said they have learned something new (compared to the physical tour) and their understanding of the operation has increased from an average of 5/10, to 8/10. Moreover, we have managed to reduce tour timings from 90 minutes to 15 minutes. The experience has also inspired colleagues to explore how virtual reality could be used in other parts of our business.”

Carly MorrisHead of Innovation at IAG Cargo


2000 employess move tonnes of different types of cargo in a huge warhouse to aircrafts 365 days a year. There isn’t available time to show each employee, new or old – around the warehouse, what their collegues do or how they do it.

The challenge was to create a safe, memorable & efficient way to onboard & upskill employees in IAG Cargo’s Ascentis freight handling centre in Heathrow.


Recreate Ascentis in virtual reality. This VR experience shows both new and existing staff how a piece of freight moves through the Ascentis facility. There are interactive stops throughout the experience providing information, training and safety awareness.

Users can safely practice driving a forklift in VR, or prepare cargo for an aircraft, so that they are better prepared and informed when they do it for real.

Results after working with us

Using the HEAT platform, IAG Cargo have been able to identify and measure the key factors affecting their KPIs. Using this insight, IAG Cargo are able to help their people perform better, more safely and in a more memorable way. Overall, the employee onboarding, engagement & efficiency has improved.



15 mins

of users said they have learned something new since working with VRAI

Employees understanding of the operation has increased from an average of 5/10, to 8/10

Tour timings reduced from 90 minutes to 15 minutes

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