Authentic. Memorable. Measurable.

Our mission is to build authentic, data driven training experiences through innovative approaches creating a safer world, setting the highest standards in VR technology.

"Since working with VRAI to create a virtual tour of our Ascentis warehouse, 94% of users said they have learned something new (compared to the physical tour) and their understanding of the operation has increased from an average of 5/10, to 8/10. Moreover, we have managed to reduce tour timings from 90 minutes to 15 minutes. The experience has also inspired colleagues to explore how virtual reality could be used in other parts of our business."

Carly MorrisHead of Innovation at IAG Cargo

“This is a really important development in driver training which will harnesses the latest VR technology available to deliver real benefits for bus drivers and cyclists. It will help increase driver awareness of the challenges facing cyclists and will most importantly make cycling in Dublin a safer experience.”

Shane RossMinister for Transport, Tourism and Sport

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Who we are

We are an innovative Irish technology company made up of developers, 3D artists, designers & data engineers who are working together to build our VR training product HEAT. VRAI was founded by Niall & Pat in 2017 but has grown to over 13 people today.

We strive to create the most authentic experiences using the latest technologies while being aware of our impact in the world, we aim to be as sustainable as we can possible be.

We believe diverse teams are the most creative & the most succesful & take this on board in our hireing process. We are a strong, hardworking team. Respectful of our companies ethos including work, life, balance, diversity & respect.

Our strategy for success

Our strategy at VRAI is about building solid foundations on which our company can grow and scale. We are building the type of company that we want to work in. We create shared value for our customers, investors, employees and community by adopting the ‘Triple Bottom Line’. This means that we focus not just on profit, but also on people and the planet.

We are aware of our impact on people and the environment & believe that the most important factor determining the quality of our team is the diversity within it.

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